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Duration: 1 Day

Course TimeFrom 10.00 – to 17.00

Lash Extension 1: 1 classic technique course is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. It is recommended to take lash extensions 1:1 technique course before taking Vippeextension's 3-7D technique course. At this course you will learn everything you need to start working as a professionall. We will review all the material in the theory and practice of the course. The teaching is structured so that we go right from the first moment on the practical part.

You must choose which starter kit you want for this course. This starter pack will be used on the course.

Gloss Lashes Extensions are funky lashes that are superpopular. Here, customers will come regularly to fill in and extend their own lashes. Gloss slips are very good quality lashes that look all natural and gorgeous. If you like to work with your hands and you are patient this is the course for you!
This is a professional method of extending the eyelashes 1: 1 Eyelashes are individually glued on one and one. They are easy and they look and behave like real.
The actual lining of the lashes takes from 60-180 minutes. It's painless and relaxing. The flaps are waterproof, you can both shower, swim and swim with them, and they are not affected or destroyed by heat. Maskara is not necessary.


Gloss Lashes products are of the highest quality. The softness and lightness of the tilt let you get a natural result of prolongation and thickening of the eyelashes. This luxury product is intended for application with the 1: 1 technique. Gloss Lashes eyelashes are available in varying thicknesses and lengths to create the most natural look. Gloss Lashes eyelash treatment is safe and leaves no traces.


We teach max. 6 people at a time and are very keen that those who learn from us are good at the end of the course. We do not have an exam.
The training takes place with both theory and practice.



  • Health, indications and contraindications
  • Products and tools used during extension and thickening
  • Turn on lashes in all stages
  • How to care for lash extensions
  • Refill of lash extensions
  • Removal of lash extensions


  • Learn how to work with tweezers
  • Approach to the work with the customer
  • Learning exercise treatments prolongation and thickening of the eyelashes
  • Preparation for extension of natural lashes
  • Matching the correct length of the lashes
  • Glueing technique on the eyelashes appropriate extension and tightness of eyelashes
  • The final formation of the eyelashes to achieve the desired effect of the appearance of the eye


After completing your course, you will be awarded a diploma in the course of GlossLashes Extensions, which is internationally approved.

You need 1 model for the course from 10:00.

Registration and payment:

Make payment for the course through Bambora or Klarna, where you can pay for the course immediately, postpone payment by 2 weeks, or choose partial payment.

How to proceed:
• Visit the online store: https://glosscosmetics.no/no/
• Go to "course with partial payment"
• Select the desired course and starter package
• Enter the course date and location, and then tap "Save Customization"
• Complete the shopping cart and select Bambora or Klarna as your payment method
• Select the desired payment deadline

Receive an invoice from Gloss Cosmetics AS with payment deadline before the price date.

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