neglerLash Extension classic lash 1:1 technique
This is a professional method of extension of the eyelashes. Lash extension is glued to individually. The lashes are light and they both look and behave like a real lash. They are waterproof - you can swim without any problems - and they are neither affected nor destroyed by heat. Treatments take about 60-180 minits and is completely painless. After treatment you can finally get rid of mascara!
Lash Extensions Volume Gloss Lashes 3-7D technique Volume Gloss Lashes 3-7D gives you a unique opportunity to experience maximum volume without strain on your natural lashes. Volume Gloss Lashes 3-7D are incredibly thin, soft and elastic. This revolutionary technique gives you a wonderful experience of maximum volume without damaging your natural lashes. The method is to set 3 to 7 tilting extensions on a natural tilt. This method gives you the maximum with volume without load on your own lashes. All of this because the Volume Gloss Lashes 3-7D is much thinner and lighter than usual extensions.