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Express Gloss Lashes course
Price 2990 kr.

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Duration: 1 day

Course time:
from 10.00 – to 13.00

Training of Gloss Express - Pointing (8 lashes in one point) This is the fastest application method for achieving spectacular lashes in 20 minutes. The effect is intended primarily for occasional situations like (Photoshoots, Weddings, Fun New Years Eve), and for those who do not want to waste time on the completion of eyelashes. Gloss point lashes last approximately 1 week and are easy to remove with make-up remover


We teach max. 5 people at a time and are very concerned that those who learn from us are good at the end of the course. We do not have an exam.

The education takes place with both theory and practice



  • Health, indications and contraindications
  • Products and tools used during extension and thickening
  • Turn on lashes in all stages
  • How to use punctures
  • Removal of point lashes


  • Learn how to work with tweezers
  • Approach to the work with the customer
  • Learning exercise treatments prolongation and thickening of the eyelashes
  • Preparation for extension of natural lashes
  • Matching the correct length of the lashes
  • Glueing technique on the eyelashes - appropriate extension and tightness of eyelashes
  • The final formation of the eyelashes - to achieve the desired effect, the appearance of the eye



Gloss Lashes Express set contains:

  • GlossExpress vipper S
  • GlossExpress vipper M
  • GlossExpress vipper L
  • 2 x Express Glue
  • Straigth tweezer
  • Curved tweezer
  • Eye tape
* We reserve the right to change content in starter kits.

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Kurs Pakke express vipper
Course Set Express Gloss Lashes
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