Duration: 1 day
Course time
from 10.00 to 17.00


Now you have the opportunity to learn how to make pedicure, quickly and easily with Gloss Cosmetic's exclusive products. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to work with feet.
The treatment is both popular and traditional.

At this course you will learn everything you need to start working as a professional nail designer. We will review all the material in the theory and practice of the course. The teaching is structured so that we go right from the first moment on the practical part.

You must choose which starter kit you want for this course. This starter pack will be used on the course.

*We reserve the right to change product set content

Here You can buy our course

Kurs Pakke Pedikyr BASIC
Kurs Pakke Manikyr PROFESJONELL
Kurs Pakke Pedikyr BASIC
Price 5990kr
Kurs Pakke Pedikyr PROFESJONEL
Price 8990kr

If you want to learn manicures and pedicures on the same day, it is quite possible. Price:
Inkl. Professional start set: Kr 9.990
inkl. Basic start set Kr 7990

*We reserve the right to change product set content

Here You can buy our course.

Kurs Pakke Manikyr BASIC
Kurs Pakke Manikyr PROFESJONELL
Course Set Manikure and Pedicure BASIC
Pris 7990kr
Course Set Manicure and Pedikure PROFESJONAL
Pris 11990kr

You will learn:

  • Proper care of skin on feet
  • Care of nails on toes
  • Hygiene and nail disorders
  • Lacquer, and French pedicure


After completing your course, you will receive a diploma that you have passed the course in Gloss Pedicure, which is internationally approved.

Registration and payment:

Make payment for the course through Bambora or Klarna, where you can pay for the course immediately, postpone payment by 2 weeks, or choose partial payment.

How to proceed:
• Visit the online store:
• Go to "course with partial payment"
• Select the desired course and starter package
• Enter the course date and location, and then tap "Save Customization"
• Complete the shopping cart and select Bambora or Klarna as your payment method
• Select the desired payment deadline

Receive an invoice from Gloss Cosmetics AS with payment deadline before the price date.

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