Nail Extending with use of universal forms

Price 4990kr
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Varighet: 1 day
Course time:
from 10.00- to 17.00

At this course you will learn everything you need to start working as a professional nail designer. We will review all the material in the theory and practice of the course. The teaching is structured so that we go right from the first moment on the practical part.

At this course you will learn the extending of nails on the stencil, extension without tipping. It is a
technique used by qualified stylists. Reduces processing time, saves cost of products and allows customers to get a surface suitable for the most difficult styling. Unusual shapes like (Russian, NIB, straight) take the next step in your career.

This is suitable for:

  • Situations where it is not possible to use the natural nail.
  • Customers who have unusual size on the nail plate.
  • Knowledge of the different techniques that make it possible to get customers with different preferences.
  • You need 1 model for the course from 10:00.