Duration: 2 Days

Course time:
First day from 10.00- to 17.00

second day from 10.00- to 17.00

At this course you will learn everything you need to start working as a professional nail designer. We will review all the material in the theory and practice of the course. The teaching is structured so that we go right from the first moment on the practical part.

You must choose which starter kit you want for this course. This starter pack will be used on the course.

We recommend the Gloss UV Gel method because the material is very beneficial to work with while it is completely odorless. The course is also suitable for those who do not live in Oslo, so you can take the course on a weekend.

The education takes place with both theory and practice.


  • Health, indications and contraindications
  • Products and tools used during the extension
  • Put on nails in all stages
  • How to care for gel nails
  • Completion of gel nails
  • Removing gel nails


  • Introduction to cosmetics, materials and tools that you need to work with UV-gel technology
  • Training in hygiene, nail surface anatomy and nail diseases
  • Modeling of nails on the tip
  • Learning of French casting (the white edge)
  • With nail set on your own model
  • Replenishment of nails on your own model, correction
  • Work with a drill
  • Extension of nails with universal form
  • Modeling of natural nails
  • Design hints, some simple tips

After graduating, you will receive an internationally approved diploma from Gloss Cosmetics, showing that you are a fully qualified nail designer and can work this profession.