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Duration: 1 Day

Course time:
From 10.00 – to 17.00

The course is suitable for those with experience or completed courses within 1: 1 classical technique. This technique is much more advanced and it is necessary that you can do everything within the application before you start adding volume lashes.

At this course you will learn everything you need to start working as a professional. We will review all the material in the theory and practice of the course. The teaching is structured so that we go right from the first moment on the practical part. The vippeextention method 3 - 7D is currently the most popular method of extension and thickening of the eyelashes. This technique is performed by applying 3-7 light and thin lashes on a natural flip.
Volume Lashes 3D - 7D is a new formula for lashing. This treatment is performed correctly and is safe. It is not destructive to the natural lashes. Here, customers will come regularly to fill in and extend their own lashes.

You must choose which starter kit you want for this course. This starter pack will be used on the course.

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The actual deposition of 3-7D lashes takes from 120-180 minutes. It's painless and relaxing. The flaps are waterproof, you can both shower, swim with them, and they are not affected or destroyed by heat. Maskara is not necessary.

Gloss Lashes volume 3-7D products are of the highest quality. The softness and lightness of the tilt let you get a natural result of prolongation and thickening of the eyelashes. This luxury product is intended for application with the 3-7D technique. Gloss Lashes extensions are available in varying lengths to create the most natural look. Gloss Lashes 3-7D treatment is safe and leaves no traces.

Vi underviser max. 6 personer per gang og er veldig opptatt av at de som lærer hos oss er flinke når de er ferdig med kurset.Vi har ikke eksamen.


The education takes place with both theory and practice.


  • Health, indications and contraindications
  • Products and tools used during extension and thickening
  • Turn on lashes in all stages
  • How to care for lash extensions
  • Refill of lash extensions.
  • Removal of lash extensions
  • Learning of different types of bouquets


  • Learn how to work with tweezers
  • Approach to the work with the customer
  • Learning exercise treatments prolongation and thickening of the eyelashes
  • Preparation for extension of natural lashes
  • Matching the correct length of the lashes
  • Glueing technique on the eyelashes - appropriate extension and tightness of eyelashes
  • The final formation of the eyelashes - to achieve the desired effect, the appearance of the eye


After completing your course, you will receive a diploma in passing the course in Gloss Lashes Extensions 3- 7D Technique that is internationally approved.


Gloss Lashes basic plus startpakkecontains products that cover for around60 clients.

Gloss Lashes profesjonellpakke contains products that cover for around 200 clients. 



You need 1 model for the course from 10:00. As in advance if we are to help you get models.
If you decide to join us, please fill out the form electronically on our website.


Note which package you have chosen.
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